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Our vision is to ensure a safe and secure urban and rural community, leading to a peaceful and stable society.


Our mission is to relentlessly pursue to provide highest quality of professional and trained security services.

Motto / Tagline

Dependability. Reliability. Certainty

Strategy Statement

Strategy Objective:

1.)    Protecting life and property: By providing regulated private security services, and ensuring protection of public

2.)    Client Satisfaction: Understand client requirements and needs, and exceed client expectation by delivering value services faster and better than competition

3.)    Investing in our employees and organization: Maximizing the potential of our staff by investing in their training and ensuring that they have the competency and skills to perform efficiently and effectively  


Covering all aspects of Private Security services as well as systems including Manned Guarding and Electronic Surveillance systems ensuring 360˚ security to the client.

Competitive Advantage:

Along with ensuring client and customer satisfaction, create an environment to nurture employee satisfaction leading to loyal and productive employees. This employee recognition and job satisfaction to be a leading indicator for customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Strategic Goals: Ensure employee retention, business operation growth and efficiency and strive to become one of the most trusted security service provider nationwide.

Performance Goals: Raise standards in Private Security Industry, by regulating security services and by being accountable for our work and following all quality norms.

Priority Goals: Be responsive to clients and customers. Be known for dependability, reliability and certainty as goes our motto.